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today stuff

to the tune of the Arky Arky song "The rain came down, and melted all the snowy-snowy. the trees are all bare, with branches now just drippy-drippy. Everything was back to normal-normal silly weather day."
Hmmm, I don’t know why that came out in a song, but apparently I was inspired. LOL!

Leonard said that Leah got to put her snowsuit on at morning break this morning to take pictures in the snow. :giggle: Its so rare to have a snowstorm with over an inch, and really may not happen again this winter, so you gotta take advantage of having a snowsuit, right?! smile

I’m feeling quite a bit better today than yesterday. And I slept. For 6 hours, and then another 3 after breakfast. What a relief, I missed sleep so much the last few days! If its a repeat tonight, maybe I’ll have enough energy to cook tomorrow. Woo! I’m really wanting to make Uncle Randy Nachos—which we call that because (duh!) our Uncle Randy made them for us the first time we ate them, and they were way delicious the way he did them! I even got ground beef (which I rarely do) so I could make some for me that were the "right" way instead of just beans like I normally would do for E. I’ll just make two big plates of them; one for me and one for E. Can you tell I’m looking forward to this?! smile

I simply can’t believe that its only a week until thanksgiving. I really need to start making Christmas lists and start thinking about shopping. smile


Ooh, if you’ve got a good recipe for nachos, I would *love* at peek at it! Unless it’s a family secret, of coruse!

Isn’t it funny? I always assume that living in the Pacific Northwest near your mountain (I love your mountain), you get a TON of snow - and it’s amusing to me when I remember that that is not the case!