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Just how long was I napping for?

I woke up and went to the bathroom, and saw white outside the window. I blinked, thinking my eyes were just still full of sleep. Or maybe still dreaming. Okay, so I still see snow.

click for full image

Wow, its really coming down! Its really rare that it snows this much! There’s several inches on all of the railings and rooftops.

see all of my snowy pictures on Snap!

A half hour later, after I got the pictures put into my computer and watched some news—its stopped snowing and already started getting slushy out there as the snow melts. But it was beautiful while it lasted!


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Snow makes the world so pretty! I really miss it. (You need a little snowman icon here... :lolsmile

oooh...! we’re scheduled for snow this weekend and i can’t wait!! rainbow

oooh...! we’re scheduled for snow this weekend and i can’t wait!! rainbow

oh my goodness! i have to call my grandpa, he gets very excited about irregular weather patterns. ha ha!

We’re supposed to get some of that stuff this weekend. But of course today it was in the 60s and more of the same for tomorrow.

Lucky, lucky you. Here they keep talking about it, but we’ve yet to see anything.

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