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catching up

Phew. I finally made it through my news/blog reads and that’s a first for at least a week! I’ve been feeling so behind.

I’ve been watching ABC Family, since they are playing Lucky 7 again, and I really wanted to see it. smile

Why is it that when I’m very hungry, nothing that’s in the house sounds good at all. I wish I had a restaurant right outside my front door that I could go pick up something that does sound good.

Yesterday, we had Potato soup and Chicken Caeser salad wraps at my parents house. Leah was really tired, so she didn’t want to play. ;)

My sillyness has made me learn what the components for a firebird skin are. I was getting annoyed by the ones I was using. So guess what I spent yesterday evening doing??!


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OOoo a firebird skin from Kristine?? laughing

Oooooh... Potato soup sounds DELICIOUS right now! I’m craving comfort foods - not good for the diet!

see, i am NOT hungry and yet i am eating everything in the whole house. ugh. maybe we need to change brains. or bodies. smile

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