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My guilty pleasure of the week: MacGyver reruns on at midnight on TVLand. smile Of course, this comes after a 4 hour block of Stargate, so I’ve had Richard Dean Anderson on the brain!

I’ve been working hard this evening on mt-plugins additions that have been sitting there for more than a few weeks. I made it over my 7K mark on the MT forums for post. I made homemade pizza for dinner and it was delicious. Convinced E to get me root beer to go along with it, and I’ve been craving that lately. My firebird theme is really coming together and I’m starting to understand the syntax used in the browser CSS. It should would be nice if there was a definitive guide that explained what images were where and how to tell what is generating a specific section of the interface! Maybe I’ll have to write one. LOL!

The camera commercial I just saw had a really cool tagline—turn photography into prideandjoyography smile Just looking at my pretty pictures fills me with prideandjoy, even though she’s just my niece, not my daughter like in the commercial. laughing

I found a trend in my jaw pain... it get worse around this time of the night. Which is about when my pain pills (etodolac - its a low-dose anti-inflamitory to help my fibromyalgia pain) that releases gradulally through the day) are wearing off from the morning dose. Doh! I usually take it right before bed (around 2-3am) and then at breakfast time (10am), so I wasn’t being very even in the time between. I’m gonna try to be better about that, and maybe I won’t hurt! That’d be cool.

Is anybody else having problems with my email? I had a note with my comment form that spews has something blocked, but I can’t seem to figure out where the hold-up is; my server IP address isn’t coming up as blocked, nor my actual IP address where I surf from. Hmmm....


I assume you’ve seen this, but just in case you haven’t, this is the only skinning guide I found for Firebird when I looked a while ago. Maybe it will help smile


7000 posts?! Good grief! Way to go Kristine! *hugs*

I heart MacGyver. My husband and I are both Stargate junkies ... our tivo knows to record any and all stargate episodes it can find!