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I used to be the "girl who couldn’t swallow pills." Once, when I was like 7 or 8, my dad wanted me to take something and I put it on my tongue and drank an entire glass of water and when I opened my mouth, it was still there.

Now look at me, quite the little drug-ie girl... I’m taking my nightly pills, which is 4 of them + vitamin C. And then in the morning, I do 1 + 2 big vitamins (multi and B) + 1 small vitamin B12. That’s just so crazy in comparison!

And I’m crazy for still being awake - I didn’t get much sleep last night because we had lunch with my family, which meant getting up much earlier than normal... so I should be asleep by now anyhow, and I should have gone to bed a while ago to to make up for this morning. Ahhh, well, I’m taking my drugs now, and hopefully I’ll go to sleep quickly. smile And sleep in tomorrow. smile


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I’m exactly the same! The first time I swallowed a capsule, I about 11, staying at my sister’s house - she was about 18, and I was burning up with fever. After 11 years of having to have Mum crush them up, and taking tablets in a spoonful of honey or jam, I just had to do it. And now I can pop 'em like candy! smile

That’s odd, I’ve never had a problem taking tablets or pills. At least you can take them now without a problem. Hope you slept well. sleep

yeah, i can pop like six at the same time now. amazing. and i was a liquid tylenol kif for years. my mom was starting to think i liked the taste. smile

Hey, Kristine! I know what you mean about not liking to swallow pills. When I was born, the doctors told my parents that I had a thin throat and would have difficulty swallowing things/would be prone to choking. I used to *hate* taking pills ... but now I’m much better at it. Swallowing two aspirin at a time with water is a MAJOR achievement for me ... and God, what am I going to do with those HUGE prenatal vitamins someday? Ack. sad Anyway, I sympathize with you, and maybe as we grow older our ability to swallow pills gets better somehow? I don’t know. Have a good day! smile

I have huge tonsils (never had them removed) and I always have problems swallowing pills. Now what I do is fill my mouth with water first, then lean back, open up, smack them in, and toss my head back to swallow. wink

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