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i heart...

My little love-fest of the day....

i heart Robyn . She reminds me regularly to take care of myself, and she did a terrific job arranging the Boobie-Thon, which raised over $7,000.
i heart Zuly . Her sweet words make me get giant smiles. Always. Especially this post.
i heart miss m'lissa . Even though I’m missing her right now. Same goes for Lisa .
i heart Brandy . I actually had tears (of happiness) in my eyes from reading the #5 item on this post. smile

There are always more people that i heart, but these ones were on my mind today. smile


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I just wanted to say that I heart you! kiss

Ok, I have a serious case of the sniffles after reading this. I wish our time schedules and energy levels allowed us to be in much better touch than we are lately—but please know that not a day goes by when I don’t stop to think of you and smile ! I heart you, too!

I heart you oh so very much!! Thanks for the heart-- you are a bright sun in my life.

I’m so glad to hear that something I did made you happy! I heart you too! smileluvya

I heart you too cutie wink

I’m back from my trip! I realized that I didn’t post much at all while I was gone and I’ve totally been missing you too! *hugs*

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