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TV stuff and memories

Last night, I was looking for something to watch and found Design On A Dime. The host, Kristan Cunningham, looks and sounds a lot like a friend from college.

This friend was the one who nicknamed me "Martian". And then when I had my wisdom teeth out and my face bruised green, she thought that was really appropriate since I was a martian. ;) It was really fun, and she constantly made me laugh. She shared her Jude Deveraux books with me. I wonder where she’s at now. Last I heard, she was married and had a baby girl.

Anyhow, the show was really fun, and its something I’ll watch for in the future.

But, I didn’t like Divine Design nearly as much. Just a little too stuffy and not as spontaneous/real-seeming.

Poor E. He has to deal with my need to watch design shows. tv LOL, now that I’ve started seeing what’s on HGTV, he’s even more sunk. wink


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LOL! Tell E that I am in the same boat he is. :A: just loves the home design shows - her favorite channel is HGTV. E had better watch out, he might start liking the programs - that’s what’s happening to me!

I loooooooooooooove HGTV. I actually prefer a lot of their shows to the ones on TLC. It’s highly addicting. I’m going through withdrawl now that I’m at school... we don’t get that up here! laughing

love to you! heartheart

cherries I love Kristan Cunninham I think she’s goooooorgeous she should be a model!!!!!!! Anyone know how to get in touch with her let me know.

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