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this week

It sure would be nice to have a full day without a headache. Today, I thought it was going away, when my afternoon was over, I felt less pain. But then this evening, its back again. Its been here pretty strong all week. Its not a migraine, just an annoying painful throb on the left-hand side of my head. My jaw popping on that side may have something to do with it - the TMJ that was never diagnosed before is back with a vengence! (And unfortunately, I’m guilty of a lot of the things that increase your risk of TMD’s.)

This week has flown past. I haven’t gotten much done the last few days, except some extra resting. Oh, and groceries order yesterday and received this afternoon. Its amazing how that is enough to suck the energy!

I keep seeing ideas and things that I’d really like to spend more time playing with (like threads mentioning pixel buttons and thinking I need to make some for my sites and skins for Firebird that I would love to modify to my own liking) There’s some client work that needs to be completed, and my brother’s site needs to be started on.

I feel like my friends online are slipping away, simply because my time and energy fades in and out and then I don’t get around to comment/email nearly as often as I want to. I miss that. A lot more than I’ll let on. Especially when I see things like miss melissa ’s latest post.

Family meal will be on Sunday this week, and as usual, I’m looking forward to seeing everybody. Megan was thinking about going to Walla Walla, but changed her mind, which is good because something bad happened in my dream today when she went to WW. I’m sure it was nothing, but you know me, I’d worry until I knew she was home safe and sound. It seems crazy that I saw Leah in the middle of the week - it feels like forever since I got to see her last! Isn’t it weird how time seems to fly, but other things are so slow? wink She is a little over 4 months after this week, and its so exciting to see where she is in the development process.

I’ve spent a lot of time on the MT forums this week. Maybe not answering a huge number of questions, but spending time on more specific questions and answers. I have some things I’d really like to add to the MT Wiki, but haven’t taken the time to do it yet. In fact, I may take some of the tutorials I’ve written on my sites and adapt them for Wiki pages because it makes it so much easier to point people to them there, and plus, then people can add their notes and experiences to them too.

That’s kinda the update. My goal is to make these posts less far between and shorter so that you, my sweet readers, don’t leave or get too bored!! laughing


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No matter what you do or don’t do, I’m not leaving. You can’t get rid of me that easily. wink The past week has felt less connected for me too, but I’m hoping to get back to my more normal schedule next week.

I’m still here! I’m still planning to comment while on my little vacation! I just needed some time to myself. smile To echo what Brandy said... "You can’t get rid of me that easily". ;)

I felt the same way too, about not corresponding with all the people I wanted to. My days were just kind of slipping away. So I’m reprioritizing. I’m deciding what’s important to me, so that it won’t just slip by. smile

I can’t believe little Leah is already 4 months! Man, that went quick! She’ll be in college before we know it. ;)


Yeah, what Brandy said - this is my comment box, and I’m not leaving. Do what feels right to you sweetie - we’ll be here. luvya

You take care of YOU first and foremost. The ones that matter understand... Hope this is a great feel good, full of energy week for you! smile

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