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TLC specials

There are two Trading Spaces special coming up, and they both look exciting to me...

TLC :: They Hated It - episodes where the homeowners were upset with the designs, plus their commentary when TS people came back to interview them! See Doug’s room where they covered the fireplace, and the lady cries. And Laurie’s brown room where the lady tackles her neighbor because she hates it so much. :giggle:

$100,000 episode - special on October 5th. I can’t find a link to this on their site, but I know its coming up - this looks like a blast, I love the commercial for it! smile


My favourite Changing Rooms episode (I think it was UK not NZ) was a "they hated it" thing. They went back and fixed it all. Lots of fun. smile

Have you seen the 100 Grand commercial? That one looks pretty cool. In the photos, those rooms don’t look too good but I liked the rooms a little bit, they weren’t all bad.

There’s a Paige Davis book signing at my home depot in like 2 weeks, would you want one?

You’d have to paypal me for the book, I wish I could treat.

I’ve been hoping for a "They Hated It" episode for ages. I’m glad you posted about it, otherwise I wouldn’t have known. Thanks!! smile

thanks for the info, Kristine! i’ve been waiting for this $100,000 episode. it’s going to air on my birthday! and i’ve been waiting for designs revisited. i always wondered when they would go back and visit their designs.

I can’t wait for the $100,000 episode either! I bet it will be a blast.

I just saw a preview on tv for They Hated It, and I can’t wait to see it!!! I always wished that the fireplace lady would find Doug and beat him up for that hideous room he did!