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contact form

I don’t think this is the kind of email that I have a contact form up for. :sigh:

Hi, hope you don’t mind, but we’ve taken alot of stuff from your website, (the design and journals and all those cool things), and we’ve started our own pages and are selling stuff from them. We figured you wouldn’t mind. It’s doing REALLY well too!!! Thanks for all the free stuff!!!! We just changed your name! It was so easy!

Bah, somebody thinks they are funny. Freaks.


Are they serious? That’s really stupid to write. I never would’ve thought someone would steal something and then let the owner know about it. Did they leave their email address or web address or anything other kind of information?

Bunch of freaks. If they only knew the hard work and effort you put into your beautiful graphics... LEMME ATT 'EM!! [I love your designs].

Nope, I didn’t find any matching entries with their IP address that had snatched a large number of files—so hopefully it was just a spamming effort, and smebody being a dork!

That’s amazing. People have no regard these days. If they ever pop, they should be shut down.

I guess they’re unable to be original themselves, so they’ll have to settle with being a carbon copy of someone really cool. ;)