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all spam all the time

Wow, today has been a big spam day. Why do I have so much spam and so little real email? I’d been using an external spam program, and its gone spacey on me. So I’m considering looking into Thunderbird again. It has a great built in spam filter, and it might be worth it. I’m already using it for my newsgroups. I don’t know, I go back and forth on the idea all the time. smile

I’m still having issues with my ear - the whole side of my head is a bit stuffed up feeling. I tried a few home remedy solutions on health pages to see if I could get the excess wax to either break up with water or dry out with hair dryer, but no luck yet. I’ve slept extra today, and its frustrating to wake up to the same ringing noise when I wake up because I’d like to wake up and find it better!

Its Starate Monday, which is a happy thing!


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I’m rapidly losing patience with how long it’s taking to get Spam Assassin back up and running. :[ I did finally realize that I could have pobox.com mark some of it for me, but it’s not doing such a great job.

Sorry to hear about your ear! sad

I like your new comment boxes! Very pretty.

yesterday i got 17 spam message in two hours. TWO hours! augh! this is ridiculous!

I personally use PopFile to block spam for me. Once you have it trained (which takes a week or two), it rarely gets things wrong. It’s only misclassified a piece of spam or two in the last month - it just works.

I can say my ear is also playing as I am in the final stages of a cold. Having had many ear infections, may I suggest you keep up on cough/cold medication that clears your sinus as this will then allow fluid in your ear to drain out. If it is just ear wax I know in Australia you can get ear drops to help break up wax.

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