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Well, I made it waking up early, even though there were quite a few yawns throughout getting ready, and I don’t remember much of the getting ready process. LOL!

Leah’s dedication went great. She slept all through church and was quiet and good while up front of everybody. She had a new special dress for the occassion - white eyelet with blue flowers, and white socks with lace around them! The whole service was good—the speaker did an excellent job (L says that’s only the 2nd time he’s heard this guy speak), but he really made me want to go back, and get back into a devotional schedule. Something to work on for me. smile

Unfortunately, the service was in a former high school’s cafeteria, with big florescent lights, and people with perfume, and just a lot of extra sensory information that I’m not used to, and I felt a twinge of a headache right after sitting down. My back is really stiff with a giant knot, which I’m guessing is from an hour in a cafeteria chair. My headache got worse and worse throughout the day, and even a nap once I got home hasn’t gotten rid of it entirely. :sigh: I’m not sorry I went, it was great, and I’m so glad I could be there. I’ll just need to do some serious recovery tomorrow and maybe for a few more days after that. Plus, I think I got water in my ear when showering, and so one side of my head isn’t hearing very well, and its making this ringing noise! My poor body doesn’t like me very much right now!!

[Listening to:Michelle Branch - Are You Happy Now? (3:49) ::Hotel Paper::]

I watched 4 of the 6 hour Charmed marathon tonight. smile I’ve mentioned before how time travel/alternate realities within my favorite shows are among my favorite episodes, and these charmed eps were all that type of episodes!! So it was great fun, and I hadn’t seen all of them, so that was even better.

I spent much of my evening in the MT forums catching up, as well as some newsfeed reading. I’m still behind, and have client work to do tomorrow.

[Listening to: Tara MacLean - Poor Boy (3:53) ::Passenger::]

I think I’ll take my drugs and get into the sleepy mode. Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite! smile


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