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i heart texas hero

One of my very favorite fonts that I’ve used in a lot of my web projects is Texas Hero. So when I saw the commercials for Under the Tuscan Sun, I knew instantly that they used Texas Hero for the script font in the commercials. The unmistakable L came up about half way through the commercial and that confirmed it for me.

How come this is blog-worthy? because I’m silly, and because I used this font for my first design of love-productions.com (portfolio entry), and so some of the letters have really stuck with me. smile Not to mention the current Blogplates design and the original The Kitchen (pre-RED) design, and probably a lot more in between wink hee hee...

of course, now I’ve been back over to the creators site, and it makes me want to buy them all!!


Isn’t it funny when you recognize fonts? That is an excellent font though. I’ll always remember Violation.

I’ve been known to pipe up during movie previews "that’s .... font!" It really is a quiet addiction, isn’t it? *g*

I’ve done that before, too. It’s nice to know there are a bunch of us who do this! smile

I recognized it too! I recognized it too! I said it out loud when I saw the preview before Seabiscuit this weekend. Mike was quite amused at my font knowledge!

Grrl, you blog too dang fast. ;)

I’ve been noticing myself doing that more and more lately. It’s really amazing how many common fonts are used in places you’d never imagine. I’ve noticed an influx of Comic Sans lately. I sure hope it’s a dying trend. ;)