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happy freelancer!

I really enjoyed reading this article: Have You Got What it Takes to Be a Happy Web Designer? It really hit home because so much of the positive things they said fit me. It reminded me that I really know that I love the design/development jobs I do.

There were 5 points that were mentioned as things to help confirm that this was the "right" field for you, and I went through them and left comments.

  • Decide what you "love" to do. The challenge of combining a design with the code to make it work well is such a thrill. Realizing that the client is happy when I’m done makes it even better. I am particularly happy when the deadline is a bit more flexible, as I can just be creative instead of struggling to finish within too short of a time. I have a ton of fun when someone asks me to come up with something that I think fits their site, with guidelines and not exact expectations. This gives me a chance to really let my creativity flow.
  • How creative are you? A few years ago, I would have told you that I’m not creative. Now, I realize that I always have had it in me, I just didn’t know how to focus it. I can see a color or shape and have a brainstorm. I love it. smile So yes, I’d say my creativity is high.
  • You need a high degree of self-motivation and the sincere desire to learn more - constantly. Definitely something I want to do. Learning new things keeps me fresh and I truly love reading manuals and learning new programming techniques. In fact, this is one of my favorite things on this list; things change quickly in a designers world, from browsers to graphic programs to new versions of programming tools, and better ideas for site management.
  • Do you get mad easily if someone gives you unwanted constructive criticism or asks you to change something you proudly presented them and which may have taken you two hours to design? This might be the hardest on the list for me. I get fairly attached to the designs I make, and especially if the design change is something that the client just didn’t clarify enough... well, that makes me a bit frustrated, but much of the time, the change really does make things better, and I’m happy with the outcome.
  • If you have dreams of unlimited piles of money lying at your feet, your vision is a daydream. Ya know, I’m think I’m fairly realistic in the simple thrill of getting a few dollars here and there when I can. smile Of course, now that I don’t have an income coming in from a full time job, I do think it would be nice to be able to cover my expenses related to my computer, sites, and maybe a little bit extra to contribute to the household expenses.

Its nice to get little bits of confirmation that something in my life fits really well. smile


I had considered becoming a Web Designer for a while when I first started blogging. It seemed like a cool thing to do. I’m really rather glad I never did. It’s just not in me, you know? I would’ve never made it. Plus, I am so bad with constructive criticism.

I’m glad it’s your thing though. It works out well with your home situation, plus it gives me a great resource when I have questions. ;)