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E brought home a router/firewall at lunch to replace the fried one, but every time I try to get on the internet from my computer, its not working. I’m sitting at his desk, and it seems to be happy over here... that’s odd!!! Ahh, well, I sat on the floor and did my stretches.

(okay, I just got a popup that says that a network cable is unplugged. I didn’t touch anything, so maybe there is something screwy that he didn’t plugin right.)

Leonard is gonna stop by this evening to get a fax machine and Money 98. He’s getting all set up for his business work. Maybe he’ll bring my adorable niece with him ;)

I suppose its time for my trip to take my shoes for a little walk to the mailbox. smile And I’ll stop playing with E’s computer. I think I accidently moved hist bookmarks out of order; I’m so not used to his mouse!!


I had similar problems with a wireless router. I could go online but sometimes it would kick me off out of the blue. Also, it kept logging me off MSN Messanger. I didn’t realize the problem was the router until my boyfriend decided to switch it back to the old one. *lol* duh me.