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catching up

Have I mentioned lately how good it makes me feel to catch up on my blog reads? Super-good in fact. smile All of my favorite channel groups in Feed Demon are marked as read now.

I’m still feeling sick. Not nearly as sneezy/nose-drippy, though - just head-stuffy. My ears need to pop! I drank a lot of water today! I’m definitely better than yesterday, so that’s a positive sign. Am I still contagious? I don’t know, but I want to be well by 5-6ish tomorrow night for our family dinner. We’ll see. I really don’t want to miss Chicken Divane or seeing Leah. smile But I really don’t want to get anybody sick. I would feel really bad. I’ll reevaluate tomorrow.

Happy weekend, all smile


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you rock! i am trying to work on that right now. i am reading away! hope you have a great dinner tonight and that you’re feeling better!