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food babble

I see this on my sidebar... Last year on this my dad mentioned that the potato store was open on his Seattle run this week... evil smile... I’m gonna have to con him out of some more; and he’s on his way to Seattle on Sunday ;) I love the fall for its wonderful foods. I know that butternut squash will be around again, and I bought some Apple cider with my groceries this week, and dad’s potato deals let us have wonderful baked potatoes frequently. And Apples! It will be apple festival in a few weeks, and usually that’s my excuse to make a bunch of apple crisp. :giggle: That’s one of my very favorite things.


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It may sound really silly, but one of my absolute favorite things about Seattle was the strawberries I got the two times I visited there this time of year. The ones in late September (my birthday weekend) were the best strawberries I have *ever* tasted. Mmmmm...

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