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major garlic

my freakin' goodness, the caeser salad my dad made today was way more garlicy than normal. I’m sitting here 6 hours after eating and I still have that taste in my mouth and breath and burps. I wish someone had warned me - its good going down when he makes it stronger, but lasts for way too long in my body after the fact; I wouldn’t have eaten a second serving if I had realized! Megan said afterwards that her and Leonard had told dad that he’d been toning it back too much, and to go ahead and make it garlicy. Thanks guys. LOL! Anyhow, so I opened my first bag of mellowcreme’s for the season just to have something different on my tongue. Can you believe that Target already has Halloween candy covering multiple aisles of the store?? It seems so early, but I get mellowcremes, so I can’t really complain. wink Megan’s birthday party was nice, and I got to help put together some furniture that she got for her bday. I’m pretty darn good at assembly required furniture, from much experience. So I got to use my bossyness to read the instructions and tell Leonard what to do, and he didn’t have to read. smile Worked nicely.


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Send Halloween Candy!!! I have recently moved from San Antonio to the Netherlands.. they don’t do Halloween here sad

We will introduce them to the necessary Halloween party though !


What is a mellowcreme? And what does it taste like? (good, obviously! wink )

I probably would have been telling your dad to add garlic to his heart’s content as long as he didn’t let Matt have any of it. Matt and garlic don’t mix well any more. Poor guy.

flower Hi! Can you come to my house and help my husband assemble stuff. LOL j/k I don’t know why they make those assembly instructions so darn difficult. ha ha!

I wondered what a 'mellowcreme' was, so I searched for it on Google and guess what site is listed as the number one result? Kadyellebee! laughing

There’s garlic in Caesar salads? The things I don’t know because I’m a vegetarian! laughing

yep yep, i find garlic in large quantities rather a difficult journey as well! hang in there, hopefully it is better this morning and a good sleep and some scope. smile

Mmmm...mellowcremes! I bought a bag of the yummy Brach’s pumpkins just last week myself. But now I’m out. sad

Buying candy for a holiday 8 weeks away just seems wrong. Well, unless you plan on eating it yourself - then it’s cool! I love the Whopper "Eggs" that they have at Easter, and stock up for a year every time I see them in the spring - so I know how it feels!

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