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freaky headache day

What an odd day. I started getting a bad headache around 4:30, and so I slept for a few hours, got up and ate, and then went back to bed at 8 for a few hours. I feel so out of step. The headache has faded a bit, luckily, but my body just aches, so I’m guessing it was going to turn into a migraine and I slept it away. Of course, now I’m gonna be even more off on my sleep schedule because I’m tired but not sleepy yet, and I should be going to bed about now. Oops.

I’ve been searching for some more info on some CSS3 selectors I had used in a template - I wanted to know *why* I had done what I did. That was a much bigger search than I thought it would be, but google came to the rescue when I finally got some good search terms. smile And that made me giggle as I typed it, because I just read A’s post about Google being the king of searching. laughing

Its pouring outside again. The temperature dropped a whole lot (which may have contributed to my headache) in the last few days, and its so refreshing to not be in the 90s. I actually turned off my fans and wore my slippers today. I love the sound of the rain. Its so beautiful that I had to stop typing just so it can intermingle with my softly playing Evanescence.

Its Megan’s birthday now. (9/9) She got a promotion at work, so instead of having her day off on Monday, she started training and then gets Wednesday off. She’s gonna alternate between being a normal CNA and being the Unit secretary, which will be more work she says, but pay is a little better, and its not gonna be as much chance for hurting her back lifting patients like she was. Since she’s 21 now, she’s kinda excited about the prospect of having the day off after her birthday, although she says she’s not gonna drink much. Just the fact that she *can* if she wants to is exciting to her. smile

I spent a while last night looking at various baby sites because Leonard was looking for a specific red teething ring that had been recommended in a book they read. Hmmm, I still didn’t find out anything about it. So I guess I need more details from him. I was surprised that Amazon/BabysRUs only had 1 or 2 things that looked remotely like teething rings. Don’t people still use them?! Leah’s drooling up a storm, and if she can’t find a finger of someone elses to chew on, she’s putting as much of her fist in her mouth as she can to chew on her own fingers - of course, then she chomps down on her fingers and that hurts even without teeth! So some teething rings would be really nice about now.

The rain is slowing now. I’m glad I have a tree outside my window so I can hear it dripping off the leaves for a while. I’m nutso, aren’t I?!

I guess I’m gonna go and play my game for a while until I get more tired. I need another game, I’ve played Age of Mythology about 2 million times now. LOL!


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If you like Age of Mythology, you should give Rise of Nations a try.

The people I’ve been around lately who have teething babies still use teething rings. Most of them put the rings in the refrigerator to chill them. I hope you find what you’re looking for soon. I know you will, little Miss Research. smile

Wet a soft little baby washcloth and stick it in the fridge until cool. She might still be too little for that though. prheart

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