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I finally got caught up on my news reads! It took quite a few hours, but I have them all safely marked as read, and a bunch of posts made here and lovelinks to keep track of the great things I got to read. I even made a few comments here and there. Let’s see if this can start me off on a back-on-track mode for this coming week smile

We went to Red RobynRobin for lunch, and ran into Mom and Megan. Then we went to Target, and saw Mom again! How funny. smile I got Megan’s bday presents, and I’m supposed to be painting more pictures to put in them! I have two done, hopefully in the next 12 hours, I’ll be inspired some more. Or maybe I’ll just print some photographs to go with the drawings in the frames. I still need to stop and get flowers for the vase. I got pretty tissue paper that looks very Megan-ish, and I’m looking forward to wrapping the frame so the flowers can stick out the top smile So yeah, tomorrow is the family meal for the weekend. Meg’s bday isn’t until tuesday, but she’s working that day, and coaches her first volleyball game that evening (she’s assistant coach for the JV team at the Adventist high school acrossed from her hospital).

Happy Saturday, friends smile


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Do you have any suggestions for us Mac users who want to try rss feeds?

yeah.. i’m with laure.. any ideas, kristine? bug

Hi, Kristine! Just stopping by to visit your blog and say hello. I love to put together gifts for people ~ I made some soaps as gifts today, and it was so much fun. smile Have a good day tomorrow! smile

Heh—Red Robyn. smile

I’m really lovin' FeedDemon. I’m especially in love with the News Bins. I haven’t figured out what to do with the Watches yet. Thanks for letting me know about it. laughing Zempt too, for that matter. laughing wink

Isn’t there a Mac news reader out there? I can’t remember the name of it now. It’s the one that the Mac users brag about. *sigh* What’s it called? (Don’t you hate that feeling?)

Christine, would you be thinking of NetNewsWire?

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