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angel and spike on tvguide

The Big Fang Theory - this week’s TV Guide features a picture of Angel and Spike... Here’s quote from the article online:

Spike’s encore will be tied to the amulet that played a key role in Buffy’s finale. "He’s not just going to walk in and go, 'You wouldn’t believe what just happened to me. I dreamt that I was burnt to a crisp,'" Whedon says. "We’re going to bring him back in the most painful and confusing way for him possible."

Hee hee, you can’t expect Joss to make this easy, can ya??!

I don’t like the picture they used in the article nearly as much as I liked the one I saw before heart

Edited to add...
There’s a much better copy of the image I saw before at The WB (pdf file). Link seen at Whedonesque just after I posted this post. LOL!


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Did you see it said James is 41?? I’ve heard that before, but I thought 31 was the accepted age for him. If he really is 41, he looks really really great. LOL

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