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listening for E

I’ve been watching the flight trackers, since E’s on his way home. I just refreshed and saw that he should be landing any minute, so I turned off the TV volume, and could hear a plane coming in. I bet it was him smile That makes me happy. Even if it was just another plane, I can picture it being him, and soon he’ll be home with kisses and hugs for me. smile Yay!


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Yeah! So glad he’s going to be home soon! butterfly

Yeah! So glad he’s going to be home soon! butterfly

Heh. Congratulations on him returning home! smile

My boyfriend just flew back from Malaysia, and I was tracking his flight as he returned. The tracker had a little plane that would move as the flight went on (it was a 15 hour flight), and I was all giddy when it was finally over LAX. laughing

Have a great evening! wink

Oh, it is so cool that you heard his plane! We don’t usually hear planes overhead anymore, although shortly after 9/11 they were flying so low they rattled the picture above our bed.

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