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oh dear

I’ve neglected my email. I’m tired of apologizing for it. I’m tired of sorting through the virus notifications to see 1 or 2 pieces of real mail. Its hot. It got to 94° today. I’m hoping that this recent jump in temp doesn’t cause another headache this week. Among the things I really want to do tonight: I have beautiful pictures of Leah that I need to put together. I played in Illustrator for quite some time today trying to make my new design better. I can’t seem to stop tweaking long enough to finish it. I’m hopelessly addicted to Age of Mythology, and when my brain gets tired, I keep going back to my game. Things that have worried me today: My brother called at lunchtime to tell me that their new secretary (that Annette trained before she left) didn’t show up to work today. The big problem with that is that everybody knew that this new girl’s divorce settlement was going to be finalized at the end of last week, and now she probably has more money than she knows what to do with, so working for a barely-over-min-wage job isn’t probably gonna be on her priority list. Mom goes back to school full time again in 3 weeks, and she only knows a little bit of stuff... there’s no one who knows the job completely besides Annette, who has a new good job, and me, who simply can’t do it. I told Leonard that if it would help, I could come in for an afternoon this week and help him with ordering hardware because it really needs to be done, and there’s no way anybody else can do it. Simply as a favor to my brother, not because I want to. Other things - I got this giant knot in my tummy after getting an email wanting me to do something for them on a time limit. I’d guess that means I should say no, I just can’t f'ing handle stress right now. Bah, that really is frustrating me that I can’t even handle the email. Good thing of the day: I stretched during AMC and again during Stargate. My flexibility range is growing! I also took my new shoes for a walk to the mailbox, and even though my lets are sore, I’m glad I did it. Also, I cooked dinner - spaghetti, bread from the bread maker, and our favorite corn casserole. And a chocolate cake for dessert. smile Buffy: the series finale was on again tonight, and I cried at the end of it again. It just was such a great way to finish it up, I am so in awe of Joss. smile Watching it a second time really gave me more insight into how it all played out. Ack, I just noticed that its September already when I went to the MT forums and thought I was accidental looking at old posts that said Sept. My goodness, how is it Sept. alreadyconfused?!!!!


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Wow. Reading your post made *me* stressed out. If you need to escape, it’s beautiful here in Michigan right now, and I have some chocolate cake to share. ;)

Try not to let it all overwhelm you. Things will work. They always do. smile


Aha, you’re getting those virus notifications too? I’ve tried using Cpanel to set up filters, but they come from the server so I guess they ignore the filters. It’s driving me batty, isn’t there anything to be done? sad

Wow, I’m with Melissa. It sounds like you’ve got a lot going on. I, of course, would suggest a trip down to NC instead of MI though. Melissa is invited too... smileheartluvya

That’s it—I won’t let you help me 'til you’re sure you’d be ready. And if that day never comes, I’ll deal. And well. Here’s to a no-stress weekend coming up! smile

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