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tlc hosts

What’s up with TLC switching hosts on their shows? While You Were Out and now What Not To Wear? Not that I liked Wayne on WNTW a whole huge lot, but him and Stacy had good chemistry and worked well together. I did like Theresa on WYWO a lot. If they change Paige as the host on Trading Spaces, I’m gonna be really annoyed. Pick one and stick with it, guys!! smile


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You didn’t fnd Theresa the least bit annoying? I guess the majority of people did. I don’t think they’ll ever get rid of Paige. She’s the poster child for Trading Spaces.

I liked Wayne, not sure about this new male host - saw the one last night and the jury is still out.

Theresa was kind of annoying, but the new chick, I can’t stand.

Paige...I don’t really like her - I liked the first one smile

I find Paige a bit annoying, but she seems a good fit for Trading Spaces. I really liked Theresa, so I’m not so sure about Evan. By himself, Wayne was annoying, but he worked really well with Stacy, and Clinton doesn’t seem to have that same chemistry with her. Overall, I prefer to watch the British version of WNTW anyway.smile

They keep doing that on my shows on HGTV - I hate it when they do that! Just keep the host!

I just watch the "What Not to Wear" on BBC Americas... I love those hosts MUCH better...

I like Clinton much better than Wayne, but I really would have rather they replaced Stacy with him. I *really* don’t like her.

And after re-watching a bunch of pre-Paige Trading Spaces, I have to say I remembered Alex McCleod much more fondly than was deserving. Plus Paige is sooo much better than the Family version host.

does anyone know the REAL story behind alex mccleod leaving trading spaces? toward’s her end, i almost wondered if she was having an alcohol or possibly a drug problem. her behavior was strange. please answer.

confused really what are you talking about stacy london is the best girl they could ever have as a girl host on what not to wear and stacy and clinton have a lot of chemistry i didn’t really like wayne at all i never really watched what not to wear when he was on but when they put clinton on the show he was pretty good i love him hes the hotest host haha and wayne himself could have used a what not to wear makeover i am not trying to be mean but he could have well thats all i have to say and well i love what not to wear now and they should keep the host now and stop changeing them. And Who here thinks clinton kelly is gay i don’t

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