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soaps today

Oh man, I was literally shrieking over here at the soaps today! I love it when they are this exciting and starting to tie up all of the pieces of a storyline.

This whole Rick Decker storyline has me so excited to find out what happens next. Yesterday’s ending to the episode was insanely exciting, and today was even more so! I love Chris and Alison. I’m so glad they gave so much screen time to Bob and Kim - they really are an amazing couple, and its good that this is still recognized. smile What on earth is Decker gonna do when he finds Ally?! Oh goodness, I can’t wait for tomorrow! But its so much better when I do read the scoops - I get so much more excitement out of not knowing!

Oh, and the Bianca storyline on AMC has me just as anxious. I can’t believe that she’s pregnant. Poor girl, what is she gonna do? And I can’t *wait* to see what happens when Ryan hits Pine Valley. smile Michael Cambias, you better watch out!

GH could be good today too, I’m hoping that we get to hear what Courtney started to say to Jason. And of course Emily, lets hope that things work out for the best!


Oh My GOSH - Bianca got pregnant? That is an interesting turn for the show. I wonder what she’ll do? I don’t get to watch every day, but when it’s slow in the office I can turn on my tv in the afternoon while I work. Guess I’ll have to watch today. I’ve already missed most of GH though, and missed OLTL entirely.

I was rooting for "Carlos" today to take out "Michael" as a favor to the rest of "Pine Valley."