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messy office

So yesterday, E reminded me that we needed to find the title to my car because Lisa made her final payment this weekend. I truly thought it was in the envelope that was in the car at one point. But I didn’t have that envelope anywhere that I could find. So my second place to look was the rubbermaid container with all my important papers in it. Then I started tearing apart the office. I had several years worth of filing in my desk filing cabinet and then a giant pile on top of the main file cabinet. It took many hours to sort all of that stuff. Still no title. Where on earth could it have gone? E took all of the papers out of my desk. Nope. So I checked my rubbermaid container again. Poof! It appeared. durh! I can’t believe it was in the place where I thought it was in the first place... and that I went through every single paper in the office before I found it. I need to call Lisa and let her know I do have it here, and that she was off in the balance by $25. And write up a deposit for E to take to the bank! Yay smile Last week on Monday, I did too much because I was cleaning the office. Now the office is covered with papers because I didn’t have file folders for everything yet. Will I spend the afternoon dong the same thing that made me sick last week? Stay tuned.


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I know I hate it when I can’t find something and I search all over looking and looking and am unable to find it. Then, I look again where it’s supposed to be and BAM! There’s said object right there. Funky, isn’t it? laughing

Glad you were able to find the title. smile

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