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leah update

Thanks for everybody sending out good thoughts about Leah’s EEG last week. They had a doctors appointment yesterday, and her test was completely normal! So over the next week, they are cutting back her anti-seizure meds to only once a day, and then the week after that, she won’t be taking any. Hopefully the seizure activity she had during her first week was the only time it happened ever.

She’s growing fast - she weighed in at 13lbs 9oz yesterday, and she’s really long but I don’t remember the actual inches. She might be a bit on the bigger side according to the charts for 11 weeks old, but she seems so healthy and responsive and perfect to me. smile All of my siblings were on the big side up until they passed 6 months, I believe, and its probably because breastfed babies gain more initially and then once they start moving (crawling, rolling over, etc.), they slim down. good stuff. smile


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that is wonderful news! it must be a huge relief for everyone.

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