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food stuff

I’m ordering groceries right now, so you’ll have to hear me babble about food because I’m having a really hard time focusing on what I’m supposed to be ordering. smile Leonard requested that I make him an Apple Walnut Cake for his birthday. I did last year too. Of course, that sounds like fun, so I’ll do it! I have nice vanilla ice cream coming to go with that, too. I don’t have a birthday present yet, and Megan took my idea, so I need to put my thinking cap on. My 3rd anniversary is this coming week, and I *think* we are going to have a picnic with food that is similar to what we had at our wedding (we brought a cooler full of leftovers with us on the honeymoon and had a picnic on the beach that was so nice!). So I probably want to make some Meatless Barbecue Meatballs, and maybe some little sandwiches on potato bread buns. Chocolate cake with raspberry filling would be a nice touch, too. Maybe some Martinelli’s to drink. If I can’t seem to make meatballs, I think we’ll just do little sandwiches, some fruit and veggies and the cake. Safeway has single serving chocolate rasp. cake, so I’ll go the easy route. Some fun cheeses would go nicely with the sandwiches. Yeah, I think I’ll go with that idea, and if somehow, I get a ton of energy, I’ll do the meatballs, too, but we can have a picnic w/o them and it will be happy. If my energy level goes up tomorrow, I’d like to make stuffed shells and have french bread for dinner. French bread is on sale, so hopefully I’ll get a nice fresh loaf with my delivery. Either way, we’ll have bread with something because I just put it in my cart. wink Yeah, I’m just gonna buy this stuff, and say I’m done with it. Oh, after I go back to the cereal aisle, I think I missed it the first time around!


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Now you’ve made me hungry! ha ha!

Don’t forget the cereal! Or the Rosarita beans. ;)

the third anniversary traditional gift is Leather laughing

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