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webpages as stress relief

Stress Management Through Writing

Over the years many studies have shown that writing is good for your health and relieves stress. Particularly writing about ones self. That’s where Web pages come in.

The article includes links to other helpful articles, like BBC News' Writing tonic for chronic complaints
An American study of asthma and arthritis patients found that those who wrote down their feelings concerning the most stressful events in their lives showed clinical improvements in their conditions.

I would be highly inclided to believe that my writing has given me a better mindset through my illness thus far. By doing some soul-searching and self-analyzation, I’ve been able to really have a chance to help myself see that I’m not bad. The illness is bad, but I didn’t cause it, and I can at least try and be happy through it. It would be very easy to be depressed constantly because of what is happening to my body, but my journal has really given me a good outlet.
Good stuff... smile