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no groceries must cry now

sad sad sad sad I just got woken up by the answering machine going off... I’m much to slow to catch the call because I was in a deep sleep. Call at 9:45 from Safeway says "We’re sorry but your credit card didn’t go through, so we have to cancel your order." So I get online, check the bank site, and sure enough, they hadn’t fully processed the deposit from last night (and E had been slow about getting to the bank, so we were legitately low - for a check, they’d automatically transfer for the savings, but a credit card verifies the actual amount only in the checking acount.). sad So I transferred some money and verified it was there on the banks phone system. Pulled out a second credit card just in case and called Safeway back. On hold for 10 minutes, and finally got to talk to someone at 10:07. "We’re sorry, the trucks have already left for the day, at 10:00. You’ll have to resubmit your order." She tells me how to pull up my order from my favorites so I don’t have to shop all over again, but I’d have to pick a new time slot, and of course, everything is full for today. sad sad sad

F*ck. I’m such a moron. Why didn’t I check that last night? Why didn’t I wake up the moment the phone rang so I could have taken care of it? sad I can’t believe I spent all those hours last night shopping and I don’t even get food to show for it. sad Now I don’t know what I want to do, if I want to get it tomorrow sometime or if I just send E to the store for essentials tonight. The time slots for Saturdays are much more limited. Ugh, I guess I’ll go back to sleep and talk to E at lunch about it; see what he thinks.

And fricken'A, there’s some maintenance guy in the bushes below my window making all kinds of noise. That’s not very conducive for me to go back to sleep, now, is it? sad


I’m sorry, sweetie. sad

laid in bed for about 5 minutes, and couldn’t stop thinking about this. I thought maybe if I called, I could get them to keep the order pulled and E could get it at lunch. So I wait on hold again for 10 minutes, and the lady is sympathetic, and calls the store for me to find out what the deal is. Unfortunately, the order got put on the truck, but the driver was told to just bring it back to the store. So it won’t be back to the store until after 3:30 for me to send E to pick it up. AND because its a virtual something or the other, they can’t change that command and have the driver still come and drop it off. So my option now is to resubmit the order for a delivery tomorrow OR have E pick up the groceries sometime this evening. I guess I’ll wait until lunch to talk to E about it before I decide. darn darn darn. I had things in that order that I wanted for dinner; and things that I was gonna kinda hide from E until we did our picnic.

I’m falling asleep as I type this comment, so I’m going back to bed.

Sorry to hear about the problems with the groceries, but do try not to beat yourself up about it. I understand it’s frustrating and disappointing, but we all do things like that. As much as we might like it, we can’t be perfect. luvya

Don’t feel bad chica. It’s not your fault. We all make boo boos from time to time. {{{hugs}}}

(If you want me to come get the guy in the bushes with the Super Soaker 2000™, just let me know. ;) )

prheart heart prheart

bah. what a nuisance. i assume you’ve been fed by now though?