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Not only is it Lawn-mowing day, its apparently "official screaming children outside my window" day. Man, can’t you people all just keep it down??!!! One of these days, I’m gonna get me a really big giant super soaker and open my window and randomly send steams of water down at the base of the tree where I am guessing they are at (can’t see them through the leaves!). And if I can get a really REALLY big water gun, I’d even target the parents across the courtyard who yell for their children over and over!!

hee hee tounge out


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Then you can come over to my complex and shot all the kids outside my door with water. laughing

It’s a new business opportunity. I’d hire you to soak the little brat who keeps bouncing his basketball off the outside wall. He won’t listen to me, and his dad told him that he didn’t have to listen to me. Soak him too while you’re at it. laughing Maybe they’ll both listen to the apartment manager who got an earful about it from me earlier today. wink

LOL! Count me in. I’ll help you soak the little twits.

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