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Someday, I’m gonna have a house. And if it doesn’t come with built in bookshelves, I want to have bookshelves from the floor to ceiling on a wall. We have that many books, probably. I can just envision how I would make the wall look like the bookshelves are built in even if they aren’t.

Of course, that’s probably a bit of a dream rather than something I could actually have, but wouldn’t it be nice? smile

This thought is brought to you by my silly brain after reading Martin’s blog which he defines himself as a "book (and game) hoarder".

Okay, so maybe it can be a full wall of bookshelves and media storage with the TV and stereo built into the bookshelf wall. Spaces for DVDs and CDs and all our games. smile Doesn’t that sound like fun?! laughing


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My husband and I are total book hoarders ourselves. We have four built in bookcases in various parts of the house, and two stand-alone bookcases in two bedrooms. It’s great because its like having your own personal library. There’s always something to read!

And you could definitely do the "fake" built in bookshelves. If you slap some pretty molding around the sides, crown molding at the top and a nice baseboard at the bottom, wala—beautiful faux builtins smile

We’ve painted all of ours—the shelves themselves are white, but the back is painted a muted green. It gives them a little depth!

Matt and I have 7 floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, and we need more. I won’t even get into our need for other media storage. If Matt and I ever build a house, then we want at least one room just for our books with built-in shelves. I wish we had more space for our books now, but we’ll have to wait on that.

I splurged and bought 3 tall bookcases and set them up in my dining room. They were $30 each at Target, and it’s probably the closest I will ever come to that wall of bookshelves that I dream of too!

Ah, that would be my dream too. Since I have (no kidding) a hundred books that I have bought but haven’t read alone, a wall of bookshelves would be so good!

A house with my very own library... The stuff dreams are made of. smile

hi there i have a small dining room and we are also using it as a office space- with bookshelves how do hide the books so i dont have to dust EVERYday ? and so its a much "cleaner" look?

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