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css slider game

Tee hee, what fun... slider game - what really intrigued me about it was what Eric Meyer said in his blog:

Jesse Ruderman has created a nifty little game using JavaScript. What’s particularly clever about it is that he’s only using a single image, and (with CSS) is shifting that image in the background of each tile to show the appropriate section.

Isn’t that neato? smile Since its set up with CSS, you can even insert your own picture in there to be a puzzle - like a cute little Leah picture. smile Tee hee! laughing


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If you don’t have http://love-productions.com/snap/shot/family/leah072703a.jpg in your cache, that link doesn’t work (in Mozilla at least) because love-productions.com checks referers. I get a 403 if I try to load that URL with a referer of my site.

That’s awesome! I liked using my own pictures in that. snap me a pic

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