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portland unemployment

Portland Unemployment Worst in Nation!

At 8.8% unemployment, Portland, OR has the dubious honor of being the absolute worst place for job hunting and keeping a job in comparison with over a million cities nationwide. Our job resources continue to be very popular with web surfers. Followed closely by Nudist and Naturist Resources and (go figure!) Tonya Harding!

Ugh, that’s really a lot of people unemployed sad Let’s hope that things change really soon because this area is getting sad - the paper today had stuff about how adults in the area were having to move back in with their parents because they just can’t find a job.

On a side note, its so funny that Tonya Harding gets so much publicity as being from Portland, when she really lives in Washington wink Not too far from my family, actually!

[edited to add...]
And another story in my newsreader box via Techdirt talks about how McDonalds is going in the direction of eliminating the need for people all together.

"While everyone here seems to be complaining about offshore outsourcing of jobs, maybe they should start worrying whether or not we’ll need any human employees whatsoever in the future."
I think that means I need to keep reminding Lisa that she should be ambitious enough to work other places besides McDonalds ;)


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I was cruising the web and saw your blog. I have one at www.xanga.com/kountzer . I am a black male, married and on the membership roll of a seventh day adventist church, in other words I am adventist. I need to tighten up on a few things spiritually, being as how just being a member of the church won’t get it. I will be unemployed soon. Hopefully I will find another job soon.


Darryl Bishop

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