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busy girl

Yes, I’m still alive. I’m going to have a birthday party for Lisa, who is 18 today. I’m being lazy and just keeping it in the box from sephora instead of wrapping it all fancy. Hey, its pretty, and she won’t know what sephora is from the name on the box anyhow! I have a list of things i’m bringing with me, but I haven’t showered yet. I suppose I need to do that sometime soon! I’d rather sit here and play my game smile Oh, and I slept until 12:45ish, so I’m still kinda in that "i’m waking up" stage. :giggle:

happy saturday, all! smile


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Sephora’s wrapping is so nice there’s definitely no reason to mess with it. wink

Have a great Saturday yourself, hon! bug rainbow prheart luvya

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