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fake email addys

rant of the moment...
I don’t understand. Why do people sign up for notifications to things using fake email addresses? Why bother clicking that you want to be notified when another comment or change is made on the item if you aren’t using a real oneconfused?!!! I understand why people try to protect their address by adding NOSPAM or the like in comments (although I do have spam protect on my comments). I just don’t understand why they do that when they *ask* to get an email about the comment! When people do that, it means that every time a reply is made to the post or bug report, a "email not found" message comes back to ME from my domain. It wouldn’t be a big deal if I had only a few here and there, but I’ve had at least 10 today!!! freaks.
end rant. smile

I really like the comment that Meredith has on her comments about address munging. Maybe I’ll add something like that here on my journal and on the mt-plugins site. smile


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NO KIDDING! i get that ALL the time on the theme thursday list. confused

They probably aren’t thinking when they do it. confused

oh dear. that does sound annoying. is there a way to filter those messages out based on what the first line is on an error message perhaps? that is how i filter my spam on outlooks. my server has spam assasin and then i filter those messages in outlook.

I’m glad you like my note on the comments! blush I worry that people don’t actually read it - then again, I haven’t gotten any munged addresses since adding it to the template.

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