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why soaps

This was a good article! smile Why We Keep Watching Soaps at About: Soaps

Guest author Kathryn Bruce shares the reasons she’s still watching her soap operas despite life’s diversions.

"At first I resented their [soap watchers during college] escapism and considered them inconsiderate and unappreciative of their parents' money which was supposed to be supporting their studies not their TV addiction. I was paying my way couldn’t afford to relax. Before I burned out I realized I, too, needed some down time."
That’s what drew me in college. I needed an escape, and something far from reality to provide that. smile (my quote on my dorm room door for several years was "what’s so great about reality anyway?", a quote from OLTL!)There was a lot of stress and not a lot of sleep during college, so the few hours a day I spent watching soaps was a way to forget about being the responsible student who studied every minute. I did get really good at doing homework while watching soaps, which is a talent I use these days, too wink

Now that I’ve read more about personality types, I would bet that my ISTJ-ness contributes to my love of soaps. I like things that are consistant, and what could be more consistant than a TV show that is on every day for years, with many long-term storylines. smile


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I used to watch "General Hospital" with my mom [and also "All My Children"] ... she watched them, so that’s how I got into it. But, in college I just got so busy and never watched them anymore. I wouldn’t even BEGIN to know if there are any of the same "General Hospital" characters anymore ... the ones that I used to love ... but "GH" has always been a favorite of mine. smile

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