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sleepin the day away

Just got up smile I was sleepy! I had dreams with Angel and Spike in them (again). They are always rather interesting ha ha! There were big bugs, too, and that wasn’t so nice. I helped save a set of twins who were going to be taken away from their parents. I don’t remember how, but I remember the giant smiles on the parents faces when I brought them back. And all of this happened in a house that was long and skinny. I just don’t know where I come up with all these things! I played a lot of Rise of Nations last night. Its a really fun game. Unfortunately, there’s something in my system (video card probably) that isn’t playing nice with the game, so I frequently crash and it says "gathering exception data". I read 3 or 4 forums last night trying to find a solution, but there doesn’t seem to be any one thing that works for everybody. So I guess I keep saving like a madman between my activities and at least I’ll get to play for a while smile Suppose I should get showered and ready for tonight. Maybe I’ll play for a while first wink Happy Saturday, friends! laughing


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Angel and Spike, huh? Doing what?! wink

wink at Meredith wink This time was actually quite tame compared to some of the others ha ha! Angel was bad, and Spike was helping me try to follow the evil orders Angel had... there were bugs and creepy rodents under this floor board I had to lift up, but I don’t quite remember why. laughing I’m a freak!!

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