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abc family

link path... I just read that Linda Dano is going to be on a show called See Jane Date. Its also got Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia of Buffy and Angel), Cameron Mathison (Ryan on AMC), Antonio Sabato Jr, AND Holly Marie Combs (Piper on Charmed) on it!

So I went over to see if ABC Family had any info on it yet, but no dice. (And plus, the site wasn’t working in Firebird. No biggie, loaded up IE, and read about some other projects in the works.

What a good looking movie... Lucky Seven on ABC Family (July 20 @ 8). Seeing Kimberly Williams (-Paisley, now) in a wedding again would be delightul! beautiful wedding pic. Its got Patrick Dempsey and Brad Rowe on it, too. smile

The One with Meredith Monroe (Andie on Dawson’s Creek) looks like another good movie. I really like her. smile


The family channel’s been having some really great movies lately. I can’t wait to see Lucky 7 as I’m a HUGE Kimberly Williams/Father of the Bride fan. I can’t get over how much Brad Rowe looks like Brad Pitt though. And of course it’s always fun to see Patrick Dempsey. I didn’t know about The One with Meredith Monroe so now I’m looking forward to watching that as well. If you’re looking forward to watching those you might want to check out Prince Charming with Christina Applegate and This Time Around with Brian Austin Green. Both of which were really cute! laughing

Did you ever watch the soap Another World? Soap Net just started airing all the old episodes and it’s a kick to see Linda Dano in the role that made her a household name (Felicia). AW also starred a then unknown Anne Heche as twins Vicky/Marly. I used to watch it with my mom when I was a kid. laughing

It’s so nice to have someone that shares my insane love of TV and TV trivia. laughing

ooh, I’m glad you pointed that out. It was a great book, so I’m excited to see it come to TV. The only catch is that I probably won’t be able to watch it once I get to school. Stupid school! Grr!

*hugs* to you! heart

Wait, if Charisma Carpenter is going to be on another show...she’s left Angel for good then? Argh!

How can I get the music in This Time Around and Lucky Seven? They are both great movies with great soundtracks, but I don’t know where I can find the songs. I’ve been looking everywhere! Can anyone help me?? Please.

...do you know what song is playing in the movie Lucky 7 when they dance at the weddingconfused I’ve been trying to figure it out...pretty cute movie

The song that’s in Lucky 7 is played by a group called "Eastmountainsouth". And the song title is "So You Are To Me." They’re very easy to find on the internet.

But I’m still trying to get the music to "This Time Around." Anyone else having any luck?

I’m looking for the song on This Time Around, during the scene where Mel and Drew
tested food. Does anyone know the name of the song or the singer?

Hi i think the song is called "Like Lovers Do" by Heather Nova in the scene where they’re tasting the food, but does anybody know the song where they’re picking the flowers out?

Does anyone know where I can buy the movie "The One" if so let me know please. Thanks

i love the movie "lucky 7" it was so meaningful and so real i wish i could find that in real life

"Like Lovers Do" by Heather Nova is the song while they taste food on their date, but I still cannot find the song that plays when they are looking for flowers. I really like that song, so if anyone knows, please share.

hey everyone does anyone know the song that plays in the movie "lucky 7" when she realises she loves peter and goes to find...? thanks for the help

um do you guys remember a movie I can’t think of the title I can’t remember it. I will tell you what happens. Beginning a girl dreams of this big house she goes in it and her Mom follows her and she gets mud on the floor of the house. The wealthy guy is looking for a women to pose as a wife and a girl to pose as his daughter to have a family to show that he has a family or something. I don’t know it was on abc family. The man pays her and stuff the single mom and daughter just pretend like their family with that wealthy guy. Please help me if you can!!!

that movie about the wealthy guy paying the single mom and her daughter to pose as his family is called "borrowed hearts". it’s with roma downey and the gay guy from will and grace who is straight in real life (not, jack, the other one).