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soap stuff

I have some soap stuff on my mind, and must write about it!!! smile

As The World Turns... My goodness, could they have just let Rose go and enjoy Dusty for one night before running into Paul? Oops. Even though I feel for them (and I love Roger Howarth), I was really enjoying Rose and Dusty smile What’s gonna happen at the hospital next?! Is it odd that Dr. Hughes woke up directly after this last incident? And that expression that Rick had at the end was about enough to make me sure he’s the one. I don’t think Gordo would kill himself just to get out of being the murderer. I’m loving Chris and Allison. smile

General Hospital... Will Elizabeth tell about Carly? Or will Ric do something drastic to keep her from doing it. I can’t wait to see what happens. Did Courtney go to the island with Michael? If not, then she sure is quiet. You’d think she’d be in the penthouse making noise about Faith moving in on Carly’s home. Tony Jones was on today, which was surprising since I heard he was moving soaps. I’m totally having fun with Dylan and Georgie. I feel an attachment to Georgie - a lot of the things she said sound like things that would come out of my mouth.

All My Children... I’m not quite buying the instant transformation of the Fusion girls into fighting over boys. They haven’t ever all been *great* friends, but this feud is rather sudden. I don’t know. Besides, Kendall and Greenlee don’t even really want to have boys yet. I’m not sure why they took the bet. Bianca is breakin' my heart. sad I wish she’d tell somebody what happened.


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Did you watch "The View" last Monday with Susan and Eden speaking of "Bianca's" storyline? They gave some insight into the storyline. I don’t like what’s going on but at least with the Kane family drama and the "David"/'Anna" coming to grips with "Leora," I’m starting to see bits and pieces of the AMC I learned to love as a child. smile

Oh, I am so on the edge of my seat with the Sonny/Carly and Ric/Liz storyline. I saw that Faith had tried to smother Liz in the hospital today, but Sonny stopped her. I am thinking Ric will now resort to extreme measures to keep Liz quiet. And I am wondering what Lorenzo Alcazar will do with all this too? I have been watching faithfully to see the outcome. Exciting stuff...

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