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color stuff

My sister brought me some paint swatches from the hardware store. They were *beautiful* color selections, and so very inspiring. It wasn’t just the normal single colors, these had complementary tones and examples from rooms painted in the colors suggested AND fancy color names. I had so much fun looking through them, and it makes me want to make about 30 new designs. smile

So when I was browsing the news this evening, I found some great links about colors. I have at least 5 color scheming programs on my desktop, waiting for me to have time to test them out. rainbow

The meaning of color details some of the most common emotions/meanings associated with colors.

Shopping for paint, a task that can be more that a bit frustrating, just got easier. More paint color collections, friendlier paint displays, larger color cards, and help with color coordinating are just a few of the terrific innovations to assist color-hungry consumers. Find out more about Color Solutions Centers at Home Depot.
I particularly had fun checking out the Buzz Lightyear Collection. What fun names and perfect colors! Can’t you imagine doing a little boys room all up in these colors?! and the Princess Collection for a little girls room smile Oh, who am I kidding, I liked looking through it all! smile I just love seeing colors together and getting a whole new outlook on how they work together. Sometimes, a perfect purple looks completely different next to a pale sky blue than it does with a sexy sleek silver.


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My daughter have the purple Disney Princess room - 3 shades or purple on the walls, the border, and a new purple carpet. Yes, it’s a bit sickening if you’re over the age of 10, but they love it!

oh wow! that sounds really awesome. what are you planning on painting?

I feel a redesign coming on... ;)

I feel a redesign coming on... ;)

Oopsie... Sawwy. I accidentally clicked my mouse elsewhere, and when I checked it hadn’t posted. Sorry for the double post. smile

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