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working hard

I spent a bunch of today working on some client work. It kept me busy! Now I’m getting caught up on my news, blogs, and MT forums

I’ve seen the preview for Stargate’s Friday episode about 200 times now during the 4 episodes tonight. LOL! They keep showing it over and over in many of the commercial breaks.

I’m having a thirsty day, I’m gonna have to go get MORE water. smile

My sister Megan went to the beach with some friends this weekend; I’m looking forward to hearing how it went, but I forgot to call her this evening. Doesn’t the beach sound nice? Sand between your toes, a picnic in the sun, fresh salt-water taffy from a cute little shop. Of course, those memories are from Depot Bay/Lincoln City area, and I’m not sure if I want to try for a 3 1/2 hour each-way trip right now. Astoria is only 2 hours or so, so that might be more do-able... but I don’t think I’ve seen salt-water taffy there!!!

I’m actually feeling a bit better today than over the weekend. I made it to the mailbox and showered and that was good. smile

E went and got a new cable box tonight, since our hasn’t worked for months. So now we have all the extended channels again, including TechTV and it looks like some of the premium channels (HBO, Showtime, Cinemax) are coming in.


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Oh, they don’t show Stargate every night? I’ve only seen a few episodes, but at the con last weekend I interpreted a Stargate-related panel and also interpreted for Christopher Judge, so now I’m kind of interested. I watched "Crystal Skull" last night on mute because A was on the phone, and then I fell asleep halfway through "Nemesis" - so I still have only a small idea of what’s going on!

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