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a pile of news!

I’m catching up on some news. FeedDemon has this nice feature where I can drag a copy of a news item from a feed into my "news bin" and then I can go through my news bin and see all the things I wanted to read closer or post in my blog. These are the ones from last night that had me giggling. smile

Don’t Watch Battlestar Galactica...

Edward James Olmos, in a meeting with a group of TV Critics, did something unbelievable: he pleaded with them to tell their readers not to watch the new Battlestar Gallactica remake on the Sci-Fi Channel: 'I must say one thing and will say this very clearly, if you are a person who really has a strict belief in the original, I would not advise that you watch this program. It’ll hurt them.'

LOL, the funny thing about this is that E and I keep making fun of all of the commercials they are having already - since the beginning of the year, they’ve been doing these odd ads for it (like snippits that don’t make sense) and the show isn’t on until December!!!! smile
[seen at SlashDot]

Van Gogh’s Moon Shines Again This Weekend

"If you go out this Sunday evening and look up at the Moon, you will see not only our closest celestial neighbor, but a piece of art history as well. The rising full moon will appear exactly the way it did 114 years ago, when Vincent Van Gogh captured the scene in his famous painting Moonrise."

That’s a cool piece of history - the painting is a bit too orange for my tastes, but the wood moonrise conjures up beautiful images in my head!! smile
[seen at MetaFilter]

Gaming the Safeway Club Card

Sick of privacy invasion, Rob Cockerham is encouraging visitors to his website to use his Safeway discount card for all their purchases.


"For its part, Safeway isn’t concerned about Cockerham’s project and shrugs off any Big Brother accusations. "It’s an odd sort of prank with not any significant impact at all on the operation of our card business," says Safeway spokeman Brian Dowling. "We work hard to protect the privacy of our customers, and don’t believe there is any sound rationale behind what (Cockerham’s) doing. But he can do whatever he wants."

LOL, he’s just trying to get around them tracking his purchasing patterns!! Annette (my former secretary) and I have often wondered what our accounts look like - especially with all the donuts we used to buy for work wink What a funny thing to do!

I personally love the Safeway card. I don’t have to snip coupons, just give them my card and I get all of the weeks' deals. And plus, since I shop online most of the time, it remembers my details and that’s a *positive* thing—it means I can call up favorite lists and order the same base items every time!! smile But stilll, a funny article.

[seen at Wired News]

PS3 and XBox 2 launch dates

"A late 2005 launch date for the PlayStation 3 looks increasingly likely today... This following Microsoft’s announcement of XBox 2 releasing in 2006."

[seen at GeekNewsCentral]

Cell Phones, Billboards Play Tag

Point and click your mobile phone at a poster in London movie theaters this July and you’ll be able to directly access the movie’s Web page.

I think that’s pretty ingenious!! One of the commenters in the thread had a funny comment, though: "If you look at this ad, you may be rewarded with ... ANOTHER ad for the same thing! Act now!" LOL!!
[seen at SlashDot]

Women May Ovulate More Than Once a Month, Study Says

No wonder the rhythm method does not work so well for birth control—scientists in Canada said on Tuesday they had found women sometimes ovulate several times in a single month.

Well, I wonder why they only thought it was once a month to begin with? Silly scientists!
[seen at MetaFilter]

See, wasn’t that fun? flower


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I’m with you on the Safeway Club Card bit. I recently got involved in a discussion about them with somebody who doesn’t like the invasion of privacy, but to be perfectly honest I just don’t care who knows what groceries I’m buying! NoCards.org has a FAQ page for Who cares if they know what I buy at the grocery store? but I just don’t buy that question’s answer.

Very fun! Thanks for sharing everything - especially the Van Gogh moon link!

Wow. What a busy little linker you are. I guess FeedDemon agrees with you. ;) Maybe I should check it out. Do you like it? More than NewzCrawler? smile


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