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edema links

This is what I found last night when searching for info on Edema. Of course, where better to put it than in my blog so I don’t loose all the links? wink

"Edema (also spelled oedema, formerly known as dropsy) is swelling due to accumulation of excess fluid in any biological tissue."
MotherNature.com - Total Health For Women: Water Retention
WikiPedia: Edema or Dropsy
MedicineNet: Edema
formerly known as Dropsy
Heath A to Z: Edema
Edema: healing with Herbs


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Yes, you need to call your doctor and followup on this, because it could indicate a problem. My sister has edema from her kidney problem. And yes, it could explain why your arms and legs hurt. Call your doctor tomorrow, sweetie. It’s better to be safe with stuff like this. (Especially since you’ve already ruled out lupus and RA, so you’re not "supposed" to be swelling, and edema is beyond your joints, anyway.) Love you!!

I wish I still had the links I found back when I was researching this! I’ve recovered one of them anyway. The National Institutes of Health has a service called MEDLINEplus, which includes a topic page on edema.

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