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lotsa sleep

I went to bed at 12:30 last night, which was considerably early compared to the last few weeks. Slept straight through till 10:30, ate breakfast, and then went back to bed until 2:30. Ahhhhh....

After catching up on the MT forums , I played my new game with E for a while in multi-player mode - great fun!

I’m researching edema/oedema, which is swelling/water retention because Megan was worried about how much swelling I have. She knows they check for edema in patients in the hospital, but didn’t specifically know what they could do about it or if the possible cures were more damaging than the excess fluid in my body. Maybe that’s why my arms and legs hurt so much... M said they are totally tight, and I look like a text-book case of edema. Hmmmm....

I watched a movie about a nuclear bomb tonight, with Katherine Heigl, who I love.


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Edema or angioedema really sucks. I get it periodically because of my chronic urticaria, both in my feet and also my hands and lips. (I used to have it around my eyes, but that’s only infrequently now that I’m on better medications.) When it’s my feet, walking is really painful. I wish you luck with it!

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