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new design?

Even though I really like the rounded box skin (works well in Moz), I’m itching to create something new. Not that I have time to do that, but ya know, sometimes I just have to make the time to be creative.

If I do that, I might look at trimming my list of skins down—just because I’ve added quite a bit different things to the sidebars on the newer skins, and not kept up with updating the older ones as well. Are there any in particular that you love heart ? The trading spaces yellow and gray will definitely be staying. I like some of the others, but I’m pretty tired of others. Thanks for any feedback in advance smile


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I have been reading your blog in the "Rose" skin. I am not sure what the actual name of the skin it. It is kind of a Taupe colored background with a pinkish/red rose at the right top corner. I really like this skin. In case you are wondering. smile

The tulip skin is my favorite. I love all of your work though so I’m sure I could find a new favorite if it went away.

I keep forgetting to check out the Rounded Edges skin in Mozilla - it looked terrible in IE! My favorite skins are Grunge and Bubbles of Love, but I have to admit I use the Trading Spaces skin most often. It’s clean and quick to load, plus I change the color scheme periodically! (Right now I’m using Girly.) heart

i am on the wonderful yellow and grey and it makes me very happy! but then again, i love seeing your new stuff too, so if you’ve got somethin' up your sleeve, i can’t wait to see it! :giggle:

My fave, although I recently switching to the Trading Spaces skin in Muted, is still the black and dark red one. It’s so beautiful.

I can’t wait to see what you whip up! smile

I’m still stuck using the really plain gray one at work so my PC doesn’t crash. I have never figured out what causes that though.

I personally like the Bubbles of Love, the Trading Spaces skin, and your Grunge skin.

I finally remembered to check out Rounded Edges in Mozilla - it’s very pretty! I’ve never seen a design that was customized for Mozilla like this, but I like it! rainbow

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