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too much to do!

I’m so frustrated with the number of things I need to be doing, and when I get feeling overwhelmed, then I have a hard time starting on them. Its a vicious circle. And sometimes I take the easy way out, and just head over to the MT forums where I know I can start and finish something by answering threads in a forum for a while.

Isn’t that crazy? I need some motivation and to get rid of this headache before I can truly accomplish anything. I wonder when that will happen?

It doesn’t help that I’ve been pretty sleepy lately - today, I woke up at 10 and ate breakfast, then went back to bed until 1. By the time E came home at 5, I felt like I’d done nothing. So now I’m awake, at 9:30. I will be for at least 3 or 4 or 5 more hours. A lot of the time when I get back up at night because I can’t fall asleep, my motivation is even less - so I sit here playing Spider solitaire or surfing.

Okay, off to answer some questions on the forums. My email and other tasks will still be here when I come back, I’m sure. confused


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I could have written this post myself. Well, the specifics would be different since I don’t post at the MT forum, but you know what I mean. laughing

I’m feeling frustrated with myself, but I’m feeling too icky and tired to do much with the frustration. It’s a nasty cycle. My sleep schedule is not a schedule at all at this point, and I’m calling it the culprit for now.

I’ll keep you in my thoughts and maybe we both can get a handle on things. smileluvya

I suffer from the same affliction. Overwhelming tasks often make me plant both feet and find something else to do. Hang in there, you’ll get it done eventually, I’m sure. rainbowwink

I think we’ve all felt this way. My girlfriend A is a professional project manager, so I’m hoping to get her to help me organize everything using Microsoft Project. She might not ever get around to it, though, so I’ve been checking out software for personal project management. I haven’t evaluated any of these yet, but titles I’ve come up with include MasterList XL, OptimizeMe, Taskman, TimePanic, and WBS Chart Pro.

Yep, I’m the same way too. The good thing is that you realize it. smile The things will just continue to build. I usually try to break them down into smaller chunks and tackle them. That way I’m not overwhelmed by my ENTIRE To Do list at one time. Good luck chica. smile


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