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kristine fans


Welcome to The Kristine Fanlisting!

Meredith posted in my comments the other day about this, and since it made me blush, I figured I’d share so you could see me blushing. wink


Aww! That’s so cool! I’m joining for sure. cherries

that is super cute! what wonderful recognition! and all purpley too. heart

heart Aww, that is Cute!

That was a sweet thing for her to do!

Oh, you KNOW that I am a HUGE fan of Kristine! K/Ch power, activate! ;) *smoochies* for you - you ROCK!

I am only too happy to run the fanlisting - it’s the absolute least I can do! I realize fanlistings aren’t too popular among this group (at least I haven’t seen too many people joining them), but maybe this one will get a few members. (I don’t actually care if you post one of the icons, by the way.)

You can definitely count me among your biggest fans, and soon I’ll be a part of the fanlisting. ;)