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busy girl

laughing Well hi! smile

Yes, its me. This isn’t just a post prompted from a news article or something I saw that I needed to link or a quizlet. This is just me babbling in my usual giggley voice.

Where have I been? Yes, I have been a bit absent in the last few weeks. Yes, my sleep schedule is all f*ed up. Yes, I still compose blog entries while laying in bed trying to fall asleep, I just haven’t had the time to put them into a format other than my brain.

Between a week with a permanent migraine, super hot days sun that kept me hanging out in bed with the fan, software and applications computer I’ve been alpha/beta testing, PILES of email mail , and lots of family activities going on, its amazing that I even have found the time to post the small amount that I have. Almost every waking hour Friday was spent at my mom’s house hanging out, watching a movie, oohing and ahhing over Leah Marie, and then doing fireworks. I spent almost the entire day today updating stuff on the mt-plugins site, and things for the plugin manager (when I wasn’t napping - I took 3 naps, each over 1 1/2 hours long).

I know that I owe so many of you email, and visits to your sites and comments. I have people waiting for quotes and design ideas. And then there’s the fun things that I *want* to do. Time keeps slipping away, the days go so quickly sometimes that I don’t know its over until I hear the opening for Pyramid after AMC finishes.

Still, as long as you know I’m around, no matter how silent I am, you still seem to visit. thank you smile One of these days, I’ll get caught up, right? flower A girl can hope, right?! prheart


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You’re never far from my thoughts. Even on weeks like last week when I didn’t do much reading or commenting, I thought about you. I hope that your migraines go away for a while, you start sleeping better (and I do too) and you get a break from the heat! *hugs* luvya

Hey, the Kristine fanlisting is now live and registered with Thefanlistings.org. It’s one in a huge list of fanlistings for webmasters, but I felt that setting it up was the least I could do to express my appreciation for all the awesome stuff you do! I’m totally amazed by your abilities and I wanted to let you know that. I don’t know if anybody will join - even I admit fanlistings are a curious beast - but it is up and running!

Migraines and extreme heat are two of my very least favorite things. Right up there with the stomach flu. I hope you’re able to keep cool and catch up. Above all, remember to relax. smile luvya

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