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college aged gamers

Study Challenges Video-Gamer Stereotype

Roughly two-thirds of college students play video games, but the image of a nerdy guy who spends all day in a dimly lit room blowing up computer-generated bad guys is off base, according to a new study.

College gamers are not necessarily male - or anti-social hermits. And while about a third of those surveyed admitted playing computer games during class, the games generally don’t conflict with their studies, says the researcher who conducted the survey for the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

Considering that college kids are 18-25ish, and that makes them born in the 80s, they’ve had video games most of their lives. Its not surprising that so many of them love games! Interesting article, to me at least smile


When I was in college, my roommate and I played games all the time. While they were a ton of fun, we mostly used it as stress relief. It worked great for that, too.